Bethune Wellness Education Production Center

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of technology and the strengthening of the concept of wellness, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, global attention and emphasis on health have reached an unprecedented high. The global wellness industry has also experienced rapid development and has become a new global hotspot and economic growth point. The pandemic has not only led to increasing investments in the wellness field worldwide, but it has also spurred the rapid integration of technology and the wellness industry resulting in a new industrial chain revolution and upgrade.

As a growing industry with enormous potential, the wellness sector has encountered an unprecedented strategic opportunity. The wellness industry will continue to release market vitality, and the demand for global wellness industry talents is constantly increasing. The focus in the future will also shift to talent and management, including talent scale and quality.

Canada’s wellness industry is developing rapidly, and people’s demand for wellness services is increasing. The development of Canada’s wellness industry has received strong support from the government, which has invested a significant amount of capital to promote the development of the industry. The development of Canada’s wellness industry has also been supported by industry enterprises and experts who have invested a large amount of capital and provided rich knowledge and technology, which greatly promotes the development of North America’s wellness industry.

The wellness industry in North America has abundant resources, from herbs to modern medicine, from traditional Chinese medicine to modern health care for the elderly, all of which have unique advantages. In order to meet the huge demand for talent in the market, build an international talent team and talent development chain for wellness, and promote the development of North America’s wellness industry, Visionary Group and Abinopharm of the United States have cooperated to create the Bethune Wellness Education Production Center on 5,000 acres of land in northern Ontario owned by Visionary Group, which will train more international talents to serve North America.

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