Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc. Will build A World Class Film and Television Production and Education Facility with Camosun College in Victoria, BC

Toronto, Canada, March 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc. (the “Company”) (NASDAQ: VEDU), an education provider headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with marketing partners in China, today announced that the Company will build a world class Film and Television Production and Education Facility with Camosun College in Victoria, BC.


The Company and Camosun College has taken actions to further their partnerships through a joint construction project together with Canada HD Int\’l Investment Group Corp, a known real estate development company in BC. The three parties will cooperate to jointly build a world-class film and television production and training center in Victoria, BC. This new project will include a construction of two standard film studios (including a LED circular-screen virtual filming facility and its servo system), a media production center, and an academic teaching building for Camosun Center for Film Production and Digital Media. The Company will license the major course curriculum and provide critical academic leaders. It is expanding courses and subjects for new visual techniques such as visual effects, visual media, virtual production, and game engine applications. Through this collaboration, The Company will gain access to degree qualification, with is crucial to attract students from all parts of the world. This new program will help to provide education, practical training, and industry employment services to thousands of students each year.

To promote the construction of the project and to put it into use as soon as possible, Visionary Education Group will cooperate with Canada HD Int\’l Investment Group Corp, which will be delegated for real estate development and construction of the project. The Company is investing in technology, installation of facilities, curriculums, and teachers for the project.

“After the completion of the project, the Company will be able to host virtual production education and training centers in both the east and west of Canada and will help to train thousands of virtual production professionals for Canada every year and will generate solid cash flow for the Company”, said Fan Zhou, CEO of the Company, “We are so delighted to expand in Vancouver market, which is the third largest film industry center in the world, known as ‘Hollywood of the North’, with annual film production amount in the province reaching 4.1 billion US dollars. Many world-class designing, game, film production companies, music and film studios have locations in BC, such as The Crossing Studios, Mammoth, Ironwood Studios, Canadian Motion Picture Park, Digital Domain and Pixar Animation Studios. The post-production and editing of “Avatar” and “Forever Young”, were also completed in Vancouver. We hope to build the talent pool in Vancouver and to provide students with first-class practical training and employment opportunities.”

About Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc.

Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc., headquartered in Toronto, ON, Canada, is a private education provider that offers high-quality education and industrial resources to students around the world. The Company aims to provide access to secondary, college, undergraduate and graduate and vocational education to students in Canada. Through technological innovations, that fulfill industrial standards, more people can learn, grow and succeed, to release their full career potential. As a fully integrated provider of educational programs and services in Canada, the Company has been serving, and will continue to serve, both Canadian and international students and contribute to the industry. For more information, visit the Company’s website at

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