Canada is on the North American Continent and is the second largest country in the world with 9.9 million square kilometers of land, but only a 38 million population. Canada has 10 provinces, 3 regions and its capital is Ottawa. 

Canada’s national symbol is the maple leaf. Canada possesses a beautiful landscape with a rich cultural environment. It has been rated continuously for the past 7 years as “the country mostly suitable to live in” by the United Nation. Canada is rated the world number-one country for people’s wealth and living quality. 

Canada’s education system is the most complete among the world. It has world-class universities, colleges, middle schools and primary schools. The conditions and environment for study is the best. Canada offers 12 years of free education. Currently high academic education is provided up to 45% of its citizens, the world’s number-one. Canada diplomas are golden. Most countries and regions in the world recognize it. 

The Visionary Students and Immigration Center is a Canadian domestic business unit of Visionary Group. It is dedicated to provide professional services such as student visa and Canadian immigration by its team advisors who are licensed by Canada immigration services (RCICs). A full service not only for student visa, but also for tourist visa, work permit, spouse sponsorship and express entry. Also provided is training in English as a second language.

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