Camosun College (Victoria, BC, Canada) has selected Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc., a global education provider headquartered in Toronto, to help turn plans for an on-campus film studio with education components into a reality. The decision to move to the next stage of discussions with the Visionary Group to build a film studio is the result of a Request for Pre-Qualification released in September 2022. The Request for Pre-Qualification invited respondents to become pre-qualified to design, build and fund a film studio and digital media education centre in exchange for a 99-year lease. It is anticipated that the discussions will result in a formal agreement with Camosun, which will finalize the scope, timeline and cost to build a film studio with education components. In spring 2021, the BC Government provided $150,000 to aid Camosun in the exploration of educational opportunities for students in the B.C. film industry and the potential development of an on-campus film studio.

Ms. Fan Zhou, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, commented, “We are very pleased to be selected by Camosun College to move to the next stage of discussions around the development of a film studio on their campus. It reflects our effort to continue our growth plan to collaborate with colleges and create more academic opportunities for students. This will help fulfill our mission to broaden access to the multicultural education system of Canada and facilitate the achievement of students’ full potential.”

Professor Leon Xiao, PhD, Chief Architect of the Company, leads the joint program. Visionary Group has designed and budgeted its Education-Production Fusion program, aiming to elevate Canadian career education capacity, to bring young graduates to frontline of film and visual communication industry. To extend a European trade school tradition which trains students in realistic career environment, our campus digital studio center will go farther. It includes industrial standard facilities, equipment and tools, can produce commercial-grade artistic and entertainment contents. In addition, Visionary brings in Hollywood veteran visual artists, to teach new courses and majors, dedicated to latest means of stage filming, such as LED Volume, GPU engine to drive immersive VR background scene, IOT servo systems to automate film capture, and so on, covered by the whole process of film-shooting with dedicated Visual Effect Pipeline. Faculty and student productions start with traditional films, network series, pop art comic products and animations, then expand to trendy applied arts, immersive motion graphic shows, architecture production mapping, social network virtual influencers, online virtual character interactions inspired and guided by cloud AI.

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