The Campus has a complete Production Function is at VEDU’s headquarters, located at 95, Moatfield Drive, North York. The total workspace of the building has 5-story + 3 basement level, 3,000 sqft each floor. In 2023/24 Phase-I, built out and grand opening: teaching facility for 600 students/faculty, and production/venue facility for 2,000 daily in-and-out.


Featured Architecture

The high-light (pending construction permit) is a Virtual Production Stage Center, with a Theme of a Sci-Fi feature IP, which highlights the modern virtual production function, as well as a visual impact to signify the classic French Brutalist (the 1980s) architecture style with a modern touch (2024).  Within this new stage structure, a commercial-class LED Volume Virtual Production Stage is installed, enclosed, matches the landscaping, and does not impact the micro nature ecosystem.


Main Capacity: The 95th Moatfield Drive will open starting the 2023/24 Academic Year. The Virtual Production Center combined with Toronto Animation College occupies 200,000+ square feet, plus 3 levels of basements as storage and support spaces. The combined growth with the college together has an annually doubled growth of the faculty-student body, education-production revenue, and profit.

Mainstream, Differentiation & Outstanding

Among all IPO enterprises that are in education:

We are in common:

  • International career education market
  • Online class products.  

Then what we stand out:

  • Elevated industrial technologies in latest virtual production; 
  • Popular market demands of applications in new media visual communication;

Our pioneered feature: 

  • Edu-production Fusion environment of a career school & its campus production.
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