University of London Looks to Join Visionary Group for the Development of Canada Innovation University Town (CIUT)


In order to promote the development of global education, Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc. (VEDC) is actively planning to establish Canada Innovation University Town (CIUT) in Toronto. As an important initiative, VEDC has started building up academic partnership with top universities and research establishments. On July 21, 2021, VEDC ’s CEO (Dr. Zack Liao) and VP (Mr. Shivu Ishwaran) attended a meeting with the representative from the International Office of University of London (UL). They discussed opportunities for the two organizations to collaborate in the areas of research and education. It was agreed that the two organizations will continue to develop detailed implementation plan. It is expected that a UL teaching center will be accommodated in the North Your campus of CIUT.

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