Visionary Consultant

Visionary consulting team is set up for international education project including, but not limited to, construction, administration, infrastructure, organization, curricullar development, reformation and transition.

Industrial Sectors

Currently through partnership, we are receiving an array of related portfolios (16 of them), in IoE and Integrated Circuit and applications, from AI & IoE Engineering Center in Zurich, join with System Science Institute in Shanghai. The portfolio shares a set of event-driven system architecture and circuits, with high-efficiency RF solutions, enabling Smart Dust self-adaptive networking. 

We are also receiving a cluster startup unit sharing Miniature Virtual-reality Character-and-Action Engine and its Look Asset Library, accessing centralized Cognitive Power Plant.

In our Innovation Center, we carefully choose projects concentrating on proven technologies which enable new applications. Thus, to push prompt product-to-market and improve ROI. 

Continuous Service

Continuous Service


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