Turning education achievement to technologies and productivity, we materialize an integration of education, research and production, for helping young to be employed in critical roles or to startup. This is in synergy with Canada’s national agenda, to gather more technology entities among tech competitions worldwide, as well North American IPOs. 

With the Innovation Park as a base facility, we contribute to Canada’s economy and development. Visionary Group is currently supported by 3 levels of government hierarchy, of municipal, provincial and federal, and collaborating with world top universities and Canada’s such as Toronto University and McGill University. The Innovation Park is formally incorporated in Ontario with the federal government’s approval. It is qualified to accept the federal government’s approval.

We established Canada’s Technology Innovation Park, acquired the campus of commercial property at 200-260 Town Center Blvd Markham with a 5 acres lot, half million square-feet of facilities will be completed with 3 phases through 3 fiscal years. Progressively we planned: 2023 with existing 100,000 sqft(Project completed), 2024 to add 100,000 sqft, 2025 to add 200,000 sqft.

The park will cooperate with Tsinghua University and with other institutions to build Canada-China Applied Science and Technology Industrial Park to promote the talents cultivation, cooperation and talents exchange.

The Innovation Park gathers world entities, with emphasis on intellectual properties, technology advances and frontline products, in 3 clusters: new energy and new material, biomedical and wellness, digital technology and artificial intelligence. We assist these entities and enterprises to land in Canada with short-cut, and strive them globalize, coach them to IPO.  

Mission: For our multicultural Canadian society to gain leadership of technologies.

Vision: Coupled with government policies, raise community resources and capital, sponsor more startups toward Canada brands and North America IPO.

Goal: Introducing 500 enterprises and startups, becoming a new center of Canadian Technology frontier, like Silicon Valley. 

Value: Honesty, Fairness, Tolerance, Respective, Responsiblity.

Visionary Technology Innovation Park provides one-stop-solution services. 

  • Enjoy government policy support and subsidizations, including government assured loans, funding subsidizations, tax incentives, etc.
  • Recommendations for participation in government initiated trading and international market promotions.
  • Interface government, industrial and social programs with personal relations.  
  • Provide market information, to help industrial development.
  • Incorporation in Canada, guidance on business plan development, coach and train in commercial operations.
  • Legal services for intellectual properties, patent applications, and an IP pool build up
  • Provide licensed legal, financial and tax services through partnered firms.
  • North American financial services.
  •  IPO in nations of the former United Kingdom, and USA. 
  • Service for Canadian work permit, immigration and residency.

Industrial Secotrs

Currently through partnership, we are receiving an array of related portfolios (16 of them), in IoE and Integrated Circuit and applications, from AI & IoE Engineering Center in Zurich, join with System Science Institute in Shanghai. The portfolio shares a set of event-driven system architecture and circuits, with high-efficiency RF solutions, enabling Smart Dust self-adaptive networking. 

We are also receiving a cluster startup unit sharing Miniature Virtual-reality Character-and-Action Engine and its Look Asset Library, accessing centralized Cognitive Power Plant.

In our Innovation Center, we carefully choose projects concentrating on proven technologies which enable new applications. Thus, to push prompt product-to-market and improve ROI. 

Entrance Criteria

Launch and Continuous Service


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