Dr. Tom Traves Discussed with Senior Management Team on the Group’s Strategy for Development


On Jul 30, 2021, Dr. Tom Traves, Chairman of Visionary Group’s Board of Director attended a working meeting with the senior management team, led by vice-Chairmen Kenneth Chan, Chief Academic Officer Dr. Harley d’Entremont, and CEO Dr. Zack Liao. A member of the Order of Canada, Tom was a former Chairman of the Board of The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, a former president of Dalhousie University and Brock University. Tom has brought his exceptional expertise in a broad range of areas, especially in education and management, to Visionary Group over the last few years.
In the meeting, Dr. Liao presented the academic structure and commercial strategy. Visionary Group provides high quality of education and services at a wide range of levels, including OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma), college, university, and graduate. The successful operation of this comprehensive business is supported by four principal features of the Group, including a very effective and supporting board of directors, physical campuses consisted of three buildings with over 160,000 square feet of floor area, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality) based innovative pedagogical solutions, and a rapidly expanding marketing network in Canada, China, India, Brazil, Philippine, and Vietnam. Dr. Liao also provided details about Toronto Animation and Film Industry Park (TAFIP) located in the city of Markham and Canada Innovation University Town (CIUT) located in Toronto.
Tom congratulated all the senior management team and the entire staff for their productive hard-work. He also expressed his satisfaction for the current status of the Group. After a thorough discussion with the senior management team, Tom is very convinced that Visionary Group is in a great shape to advance and will certainly be a successful company. Tom promised that the board of directors would continuously enhance the support to the operation and expansion of the Visionary Group.
In the end, he said to the team: “Thank you all for the work you have performed for the success of our company. I look forward to attending the next board meeting.”

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