Chinese New Year Celebration in 2023


The Year of the Tiger will end and the Year of the Rabbit is near. Thousands of rivers and mountains will share the warmth of spring with us. The Spring Festival is the most important celebration in the Chinese culture, which carries the rich historical heritage of the Chinese civilization. The stable Canadian environment provides Chinese people to thrive and contribute in this multicultural society creating many new businesses and enriches the multicultural climate in Canada. The event was grandly held at the Visionary Group No. 105 building in Toronto, Canada, on January 15, 2023

Nearly 200 guests from Canada’s federal, provincial and municipal government officials, business and cultural elites, representatives of various associations and media units attended the banquet to celebrate the Spring Festival. The organizers are as follows:

Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc., Chinses Cultural Figures Periodical Office, Chinese Culture Figures, Cultural Figures Network, Chinese Celebrity News Network, World News Alliance, Digital Bible Academy, Asia Television Limited, Europe China TV, Canadian Asian Cultural Development Foundation, North America Pan-Pacific Culture Economy & Trade Exchange Association. 

Guests attending the event included Peter Miliken, the former President of the Canadian Congress, Ke Wenbin, MP of Ontario, Dr. William Chai, President of the Digital Bible Academy, Mr. Marc Kealey, Director of the Office of the former Prime Minister of Canada and Chairman of Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc., and Mr. John Kuhn, Executive Vice President of Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc. In addition, Mr. Paul Chiang, a member of the Canadian Federal Congress, Mr. Billy Pang, a member of Ontario, and Mr. Nick Mantas, a member of Toronto, sent their congratulatory letters.

The association of “100 people celebrating the New Year”. The organizer invited individuals, institutions, associations, or enterprises who have made efforts and contributions to community service and promote economic and trade development, including outstanding people from different fields such as politics, business, culture, media, etc. to participate in the “100 people celebrating the New Year” group photo and video broadcast.

Mr. Arden Pang, Chairman of the Art Digital Club, Mr. Ren Jinchang, consultant of the Atlantic Calligraphers Association and the Artists Association, Mr. Yang Quan, a famous artist in Toronto, and other calligraphers and painters created calligraphy and painting works on the spot, presenting the wonderful and rich festival atmosphere of Chinese culture and art for the on-site guests.

Mr Su Shishu, honorary chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, wrote the word “Fu” specially for this celebration, wishing the overseas Chinese in Canada and all employees of Visionary Group a happy and healthy year of the rabbit. 

Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc., was established in Toronto on August 13, 2013, and listed on NASDAQ in on May 17, 2022 (NASDAQ: VEDU). We are currently the first and the only Canadian Education Company listed in the US. Our headquarter is located at 105 Moatfield Dr,North York. 

Co-Organizer: Art & Digital Club, Shanxi Normal University Alumni Association, Association for Yan Huang Culture of China, Canada Committee of Global Alumni Submit, Beijing Association of Canada, Anhui Home of Canada, Canada Hunan Business Association, Sichuan Association of Canada and Canadian Chinese Youth Club.

Finally, the 2023 Chinese New Year celebration in Canada ended successfully in the singing of “Tomorrow Will Be Better”

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