Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group, Inc.was founded in Toronto in 2013. Its IPO is on NASDAQ (VEDU) in May, 2022, becomes the first Canadian enterprise IPO in USA as an education-technology compound. It is the largest private-sector education group in Canada. Visionary Group builds an ecosystem surrounding its theme cluster of education, technology and industrial development.

Through its 10-year history, Visionary Group continuously innovated and developed, gathered institutes of high-school, college, career-education and universities, recently developed education-production fusion, with a technology innovation park, a virtual visual production studio center, a wellness industrial training center and a smart logistic practice center. It established North America, Europe and Asia subsidiaries with 100+ partners in the world. In the meantime, Visionary Group actively participated charity events, donated millions of dollars and goods to support education development.

Visionary Group Education-Production is an innovative enterprise model. Dedicated training, on-job-training, on-demand training, precision supply-demand-match. The goal is to serve the world community, as built new and wide paths for Canadian domestic career graduates.

Visionary Group owns 5 buildings zoned in education and business, totally 20 acres of lots, up to 600,000 square feet of indoor facilities, which hosted 2 colleges, 3 high-school academies, 1 youth art center, 1 cloud education platform, 1 wellness industrial demonstration center and 1 smart logistic practice center. The group corporation’s assets is over 200 million CAD, which is the optimal hardware starting point of education development.

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